Tinsley Park Partners (TPP) is a private equity firm specializing in business services, products, technology and industrial growth businesses. Tinsley Park’s team is a unique combination of experienced operational and finance professionals.


Our core values are respect, transparency, understanding, hard work, creativity and tenacity. Tinsley Park’s identity and culture derive from its core values.


We provide capital and strategic support to fast growing and profitable companies in the United States. Tinsley Park focuses on companies experiencing high growth related to US infrastructure spending, technological innovation and the broader energy transition. Tinsley Park actively works with superior management teams & founders to assist in strategic initiatives, mergers and acquisitions and eventual liquidity.


Tinsley Park values the significance of environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) issues. We work very closely with management of portfolio companies to safeguard a high standard of attention towards ESG principles in their business operations. Our goal is to have every decision we make throughout the investment lifecycle contribute positively to all stakeholders. We will continue our emphasis on ESG considerations in order to create long-term value for our partners.

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